Computerized Hair Analysis by Castile system

The unique Photo Trichogram (PTG) Caslite microscopic hair analysis offers a detailed investigation of hair thickness miniaturization, length at various scalp areas and is an excellent tool for hair research.

Castile Hair Analysis System is an advance patented technique to measure hair loss. It is a software-based method to analyze human hair. The main purpose of this process is to identify the root cause problem (like deficiency, disorders, infections, etc.) It can be used for studying pattern hair loss (PHL) or other forms of diffuse hair loss, and it can be adopted to study the effect of drugs or laser treatment on Hypertrichosis and is an excellent tool for hair research.

For this purpose, digital images are taken from the scalp with a specially developed camera-optics system.  

We have designed this test to find out why a person is losing hair, or how much of his/her hair is in the growing or resting or falling phases. A close analysis helps us to identify common root problems. It can be anything like dirt or hair-styling product build-up, bacteria and fungus, DHT enzyme symptoms, sebum build-up, and lack of hair nutrition.

Castile Nova is an advanced Hair Diagnosis tool which allows you to:

• Keep patient records with their Images

• Does Norwood classification

• Calculates Hair Growth (mm/day)

• Calculates Hair Thickness or diameter(µm).                                                                                           

• Does anagen/telogen ratio.

• Calculates Hair Density (n/cm²)

• Does Scalp Analysis (anything like dandruff, dirt or hair-styling product build-up, bacteria, and fungus)

• Skin comparison

• It graphically formats a conclusion and Patient scheduler.

This model also has the capacity of showing how many follicles will be required to cover the area depending upon the Norwood classifications