Usually patients who loss their hair are mentally disturbed and often worried about their hair loss. Patients become concerned about aging and losing their hair so they begin to research on hair restore therapy. This usually leads to trying routine medication. After a few months of medication patients start to look for other options. They have usually researched procedures on the Internet. Many have watched videos and went on forums to get more information.

At Hair Rich Hair Restoration centre we offer world class technologies and results oriented hair restore treatments for our clients. Depending on hair loss of an individual we at Hair Rich Centre analyze the level of hair loss and suggest the treatments.

Generally  hair loss clients have several options in treating hair loss, which contains non surgical and surgical treatments. Non- Surgical treatments includes


  1. b) Low level laser therapy(laser helmet)

c)Targeted UV-B Phototherapy(Lumera comb)

  1. D) PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma)
  2. E) Photon Micro needle Therapy and
  3. F) Regenera Activa.

Apart from above treatments their is another surgical option called as Hair Transplant, but most of the people or hesitate about having surgical option to For most people that’s as far as they go. For some reason that I have not fully figured out, there is a fear or hesitation about involving surgical option to overcome  hair loss. Losing your hair is very traumatic, especially at a young age. It affects your confidence and can be emotionally upsetting.

Hair Transplantation is the only permanent solution for hair loss in selective patients. The procedure is very comfortable and pain free. The recovery period is very quick with zero side effects, you can observe visible results from third month after hair transplantation. Before getting hair transplantation have a healthy meeting with concerned surgeon and know do’s and don’ts of hair transplantation. Transplanted hair will grow as normal hair, you can cut, shave, and you can style your hair as you like.

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