Many times it is difficult to calculate how much hair you have lost. As you look in the mirror every day,it is difficult to follow progressive  hair loss. Until someone see you and makes a comment on your hair fall, than you realize that you are loosing good amount of hair on your scalp. Don’t go with unworthy time wasting remedies, better to consult a Dermatologist or Trichologist.  

There is a standard measure for male pattern hair loss called the Norwood scale. It consists of 7 levels of hair loss. Norwood scale helps you to know your grade of hair loss and also helps professionals to classify how far along in that loss you are, and what treatment options are best for you. The seven levels are pretty good and self-explanatory.

Norwood 1 – Normal head of hair with no visible hair loss.

Norwood 2 – The hair line has begun to recede in a wedge-shaped pattern.

Norwood 3 – Same receding pattern as Norwood 2, except the hairline has receded deeper into the frontal area and the temporal area.

Norwood 4 – Hairline has receded more dramatically in the frontal region and temporal area than Norwood 3 and there is the beginning of a bald spot at the back of the head.

Norwood 5 – Same pattern as Norwood 4 but much reduced hair density.

Norwood 6 – The strip of hair connecting the two sides of the head that existed in Norwood 4 and 5 no longer exists.

Norwood 7 – Hair has receded all the way back to the base of the head and the sides just above the ears.

Norwood class 2,3 and 4 are the majority clients who need to go with hair loss treatments. According to their scalp diagnosis and family history Trichologist advise the mode of treatments which includes non surgical and surgical procedures.

 Generally, hair transplant works best for Norwood class 4 and above. In few cases  patients with Norwood 2 or 3 come in for hair transplant. They want the parts of the hair line that have started to recede to be filled back. This type of transplant needs to be perform  with caution. Hair loss is usually progressive, so spot filling certain areas will lead to “islands” of hair later in life. Un Ethical doctors may just “take the money and run”, but we at HAIR RICH HAIR RESTORATION CENTRE we look for Natural Hair Restoration. Our hair transplant surgeons will definitely not do this. We will look at the overall picture and if we feel that your hair loss pattern is not fit for transplant we will tell you that. We encourage you to make an appointment for a better options of hair loss treatments.

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