Hair Rich- Hair Restore Center, is an exclusive Hair Clinic, that provides access to the best and the most advanced treatments for all hair problems.Hair rich centre is located in the centre of Kurnool City providing easy accessibility to reach from all corners of the city & from railway station, bus station for the floating population.The centre is placed in a Luxurious building, equipped with all types of latest FDA approved Laser equipment & treatment used in Hair care & Treatment.Qualified doctors & well trained Technical Staff are there in the centre to provide best services in the centre.We specialize in advanced solutions for almost all kinds of hair loss treatments and hair transplantation.

  • Hair Rich Centre, has successfully treated more than 50,000 patients in and around Rayalaseema, getting a Good-bye to all kinds of Hair Frustrations….
  • Hair RICH Centre – is the most successful Hair Transplant center in rayalaseema 80% of our clients coming to us on a referral basis after having failed one or more conventional therapies.
  • Hair Rich Centre, Kurnool is one of the Andhra Pradesh’s most successful Hair care & transplant clinics, offering proven and effective anti-hair loss treatments & hair transplantation in and around Kurnool & Rayalaseema.